Good news.

You guys. I know where I’m living in three weeks.

That’s right; we found an apartment! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Lets all exhale one collective sigh of relief, shall we? Phew.

I mean, it’s not like I thought we would never find a place. It was just really stressful searching, and I was concerned that we would just never find anything we loved and then we’d run out of time and have to settle for something that was just okay.

But, you guys, I really think I love this place.

I say think because when we saw it, it was being completely renovated. So it will have new floors, a brand new kitchen and bathroom, and re-plastered walls. But while I can’t be exactly sure what it will look like when it’s done, I have a pretty good idea from the other apartments in that building we saw. And, honestly, it’s a gamble I’m willing to take for a brand new apartment.

Alas, though, I don’t have any pictures for you yet. But I promise to post a bunch as soon as I do.

For now, we’re continuing to pack and sell off furniture we won’t need in the new place. I sold the china cabinet, our chunky bookshelves I want to replace with something slimmer to take up less space, and now I think I want to sell one of our desks. We might also end up replacing the dining room table, but I have to do some measuring first to make sure it won’t fit if we take the leaf out.

Anyway. Just thinking out loud again.

Thank you for putting up with my crazy while this all got figured out. And for those of you who live in Astoria…watch out. We’re coming for ya.