New Apartment, New Look

We’re signing the lease for our new apartment today. I think we all know what that means.

Time to start thinking about decorating it!!!

(Come on, you guys. It’s a new apartment; same old me.)

Obviously, I’ve started to put together a bit of inspiration for the rooms. Let’s start with the bedroom since it has the longest way to go:

Neutral Bedroom

Basically, I love this. But my main concern is that it feels a bit too…neutral.

As I’ve said, a grown-up bedroom is one of my main new apartment goals, and I think this definitely fits the bill, but…it’s missing something, right? I’m hoping some of my more decor-savvy readers will chime in here. An accent color maybe? You can get an idea about the colors I use in the rest of our apartment here.

Anyway. We already have the bed (and a matching dresser) and the mirror, but everything else would be new. The main things I need to complete this look are that gorgeous rug (might actually be purchasing that very soon), white lamps, fluffy white bedding, and the curtains (though I actually already have some fabric that could maybe fit the bill). Oh, and some picture frames.

So…what am I missing?