New Apartment, New Look

We’re signing the lease for our new apartment today. I think we all know what that means.

Time to start thinking about decorating it!!!

(Come on, you guys. It’s a new apartment; same old me.)

Obviously, I’ve started to put together a bit of inspiration for the rooms. Let’s start with the bedroom since it has the longest way to go:

Neutral Bedroom

Basically, I love this. But my main concern is that it feels a bit too…neutral.

As I’ve said, a grown-up bedroom is one of my main new apartment goals, and I think this definitely fits the bill, but…it’s missing something, right? I’m hoping some of my more decor-savvy readers will chime in here. An accent color maybe? You can get an idea about the colors I use in the rest of our apartment here.

Anyway. We already have the bed (and a matching dresser) and the mirror, but everything else would be new. The main things I need to complete this look are that gorgeous rug (might actually be purchasing that very soon), white lamps, fluffy white bedding, and the curtains (though I actually already have some fabric that could maybe fit the bill). Oh, and some picture frames.

So…what am I missing?


8 thoughts on “New Apartment, New Look

  1. Pretty sure I’m not very savvy in this area, but I might as well chime in. You can always ignore me. Anyway, I would look at fun lampshades or bright images/fabrics to frame. If you want a bigger splash, look at your bedding. Even some decorative pillows and a blanket folded at the foot would add some color. I like your ideas a lot, but I would need some more color. Our bedding is brown with blue and white touches and we have a thin quilt that is teal. It helps me out.

    • Haha you are always welcome to chime in 😉 I was also thinking I could add some color in the bedding, either with a quilt, like you mentioned, or a few accent pillows. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I was actually just thinking about decorating stuff the other day myself! I’m hopeless at it – I have a lot of great ideas, but executing them is the hard part… I was looking on in their decor section yesterday and I learned a lot! There’s a section on how the details really matter, and I think that would totally be the case for your bedroom. Elsie (one of the bloggers, no idea if you read that blog or not) really emphasizes the details in her house and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

    Her bathroom is actually really neutral – browns, whites, blacks and grays – but she makes it look really cool anyway! You should totally check out her site and especially the decor section. I think I pinned about 20 things from her home to my Pinterest home inspiration board, haha! 🙂

    Good luck! I’m so glad you finally found a place!
    xo Madie

  3. I vote for a major piece of artwork on the walls–either a blown up pic of you and the hubby on canvas or something or some big bright colored something. I feel like wall stuff ties it in without you feeling you have to make a huge commitment to a color scheme or whatever. I know this is probably not QUITE your style (but it’s mine, and substitute whatever is your style in for it) this is what I envision (because I’m having the exact same problem with my bedroom in my house:

  4. Colorful throw blanket and/or large piece of artwork of some kind. I’ve also been on a huge dry flower kick. They last forever (they’re dried!) and look great year round. I highly recommend dried lavender especially since you want a bit of color. You could make a wall arrangement or put them in vases. Can’t wait to see pics of the new place!!

  5. You have great style…I don’t think you’ll have a problem pulling your bedroom together. If you want color, just add some accents here and there…throw pillows, quilt at the bottom of your bed, DIY art framed, candles, vases, small bowl for a jewelry catch-all, funky alarm clock, etc. But you don’t HAVE to add color. If going all neutral is soothing for you guys…stay in that direction. Your bedroom should be a relaxing escape, so do what feels welcoming for you! 🙂

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