Moving update.

I guess this is just a post to tell you that packing/moving hasn’t killed me yet.

Let’s have a little moving update, shallll we?

Well, the lease is officially signed, so that’s good. Today I should find out when we can actually get into the place. So that’s good.

As for our stuff, I’m continuing in my goal of moving with the least amount of stuff possible. We had already sold the china cabinet and the bookshelves. Last night, I put our desk and our dining room table and chairs on Craigslist. We already have another desk, and we’ll need a smaller table (I’m hoping to thrift something). I actually got an email about the desk this morning, so hopefully that works out.

The only other piece of furniture I could see us selling would be our couch. Not because it wouldn’t fit, but because we would have more room if we got a smaller one. But we haven’t officially made our minds up about that one yet. (Besides, I have a really good streak going of selling almost everything I out up. Why would I ruin that?)

I’ve also started boxing the stuff we are taking with us. It’s a rather arduous ordeal, but I do feel good about the growing pile of stuff I’ve separated out to donate. This will be the year of limited clutter. Simplifying feels good.

I can’t wait until I have actual pictures of the apartment to show you! Someday…