I have to admit, I was starting to wonder if we’d make it through March.

Between moving, pioneering, extra meetings, and continuing to work full-time at busy jobs, Joey and I were stretched pretty thin.

And I’ll be honest — we didn’t always handle the stress well. What I’m saying is, March was not out best month.

But April, man. April is looking good.

We’re in the new place! And I actually love it more after seeing it in person than I did from the photos. Sure, the “craftsmanship” is still pretty cheap, but the rooms are pretty spacious and we have quite a few closets for storage.

I’m approaching unpacking the same way I did moving into a 4th-floor walk-up (yup, you read that right…more on that in a minute) — one step at a time. It will all get done, and fortunately we’ve already tossed a lot of the clutter, so that should (hopefully) make unpacking easier.


You guys. What were we thinking? More importantly, what were our friends who offered to help us move in thinking? Because, seriously, it ain’t no joke.

Speaking of which, HUGE shout-out to Phil and Brett (who carried our couch up four flights and then back down again when it wouldn’t fit through the door…sorry again), Eric, Shawn, Dana, Chris, and above all else, my father-in-law (who helped us pack/move for three days despite suffering from a cold and bad knees) for all your help lugging our crap up those stairs. We seriously couldn’t have done it without you, and you’re all my heroes. I promise to never move again or, if I do, get movers.

Joey and I did most of the heavy lifting ourselves last night, and we’re both crazy sore. At least we don’t have to worry about finding a gym for a week or so, right?

Oh, and, yeah, you read right: the couch wouldn’t fit through the door. D’oh. Which means two things. First, the bad news: We have to sell the couch. Which, I mean, whatever. I just hope we find a buyer really soon because it’s hard to store a sectional.

But the good news is that we can get a new couch! So that’s kind of fun. We’ll probably hold off until we can at least clear enough boxes to make room for a couch, but I’ll let you know when we buy one.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of all the boxes to show you what we’re dealing with. I’ll take some tonight so you can see what everything looked like before it was decorated. Everyone loves a before-and-after makeover, right?

Ok. So this post is all over the place. But there’s a lot going on. The point is, it’s April 1st, which means we’re at our official 2-month countdown to our first guests (the lovely Annie and Al) for Memorial Day, which means I have that much time to turn our crazy mess of boxes into a home. Wish me luck.