Sunshine on a cloudy day

Remember when I used to make you listen to my (many) thoughts about my hair all the time? (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago…)

Well, a few months back, I embraced that seen-everywhere trend of dyeing my hair ombré.


As soon as my stylist stepped back to show me how it looked, I was fairly certain I had made a mistake.

It’s not that it looked horrible. (I don’t think.) It just…wasn’t me. And every time I looked in the mirror, my coloring just looked sad. The darker hair washed me out, and I felt like I just looked like I needed a highlight.

So last weekend, I accepted my mistake and went back to blonde. Here’s my best model pose, which those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen:


The difference was immediate. My complexion seemed brighter, and I just felt more like my sunny self. (Damn right I’m sunny.)

Yesterday, Taylor, who sits next to me at work and hears my tales of woe about this all the time, said, “Remember how you always said that your ombré hair made you look different? I get it now. Because you really look different blonde!”

This is what I’ve been saying, people.

So anyway. We’re back to normal and ready for summer. You know. Because of the sunniness.