Living Room Update

Whaaat? I real-live apartment update? On this blog?

You betcha.

This weekend was particularly productive for us on the apartment front. Joey and my father-in-law installed a hanging bar and shelf in our front closet and replaced our shower head with an adjustable one that actually builds up enough pressure to properly rinse shampoo from your hair. (I didn’t include photos because even though the closet and shower head are infinitely more functional, they still don’t look that fancy in a picture. You’ll just have to use your iMaGiNaTiOnS.)

You know what does look snazzy in a photo? Our new couch! It arrived on Wednesday, and we built it that night!! Look how pretty it is!!!photo(4)

I, for one, will not miss sitting on the floor/sharing our one upholstered chair with Joey. Plus, the couch has a bottom drawer for storing extra blankets, pillows, and sheets, and you know what extra storage does to me.

I also finished up the other side of the room:


Cute, huh? I like how colorful everything is looking. I might switch things around on the shelves (shelf styling is one of my secret hobbies), but for now, it’s staying. Bonus points if you can identify what we were watching.

By the end of the week, I’m hoping to be able to show you the kitchen and bedroom.

What have you been up to this weekend?