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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my “resolutions” for 2013. I feel like I didn’t describe it very eloquently, but my friend Annie ended up making the same resolution, and she put it perfectly:


This year, we both are striving to make our lives a bit more polished.


For me, that involved creating an apartment that truly reflects who Joey and I are and that I love to be in (we’re getting there!), finding a career that challenges me and teaches me new skills, being myself more (and who other people want me to be less), and sorting out my personal style. (I’m not entirely selfless, you guys.)


Part of that goal involved realizing (and accepting) that I should just always be blonde. But I’ve also been trying to pin down my clothing style.


Truth talk: I know that the silly, superficial things do not really matter. I know that. What I also know? I’m a happier person if my hair looks decent (hair has a psychological affect on a person. It just does.) and if I like my outfit.


Which is a really long way of saying that lately I’ve been toying with the idea of enlisting the help of a personal shopper. There’s a woman I work with who has used one at J. Crew for years, and the idea of just letting someone else tell me “this is right and that is wrong” when I’m picking out a dress is just oh-so-appealing. Then again, I’m not sure I could work up the guts to actually enlist a personal shopper, and I think I’d feel too much pressure to buy whatever they presented me with.


That’s why when my lovely (and super stylish) friend Madison blogged about her experience with StitchFix, I was mightily intrigued.


StitchFix is an online personal styling service. You fill out a personality style profile, and a personal shopper sends you a box of about six items that match your style and price requests. Like what she sends? They’ll charge the card on your account and you can wear the items in good health. Don’t like ’em? Pop them in the pre-addressed envelope and mail the items back. No harm, no foul. No salesperson with hard feelings.


What I really liked is that they even ask to see if you have a Pinterest board of clothes you like — how brilliant is that? Obviously, I sent them this one.


Long story short, my first Fix was pretty awesome. I got a super adorable skirt:




A cool blazer with lace trim:




A black tunic-tank:




And let’s get a closer look at that new necklace:




I also got a sweater that is not pictured. The best part, though, is that your stylist (mine’s name is Brittany…I choose to believe, yes, she’s a real person) also includes tips on how to style each item, taking the guess work out for me!


You can schedule your fixes for whenever you want. My next one will arrive in about a month and a half, but you can also set up regularly monthly deliveries.


Want to sign up? Click here. (Total disclosure: I get a referral fee if you click that link.)


So basically, I owe a big thank-you to Madison. Can’t wait to see what I get next!

7 thoughts on “Get your StitchFix

  1. I reeeally like the idea of this, but the thought of paying $30-$75 for clothes is painful for me! Maybe I’m just too much of a penny-pincher… But seriously, the idea itself is so wonderful. If I was getting paid more (or made clothing more of a priority) I would totally do this. That skirt in the first picture is absolutely darling!

    • I hear ya! I’ve only been able to invest in nicer items in the last couple of years. The nice part is that you can schedule your fixes for times when you know you’ll have a bit more money set aside, and if anything is too pricey when you get it, you send it right back.

  2. I signed up a little bit ago to get my first Stitchfix in June! I heard about it from Madison and decided to check it out. I’m so glad that you’re loving it too! That skirt is sooo cute. I’m hoping I’ll get a few show-stopping pieces that I love, but that I wouldn’t normally pick out myself. I’m so excited to get mine!

    • That’s exactly what was so great about it! I would never have bought that skirt on my own (I always tend to get solid-colored pieces over trendier things), but I’ve worn it twice already and gotten TONS of compliments both times. Totally worth it!

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