Things you can Google if you want to find my blog.

“Painting metal file cabinet.”

“Skip washing your hair.”

“What to wear to a concert.” (Irony.)

“Bachelorette party in Chicago.”

“Inside out stuffed shells.”

And my personal favorite: “Make princess curls.”

This is what I corner the market on, you guys.

7 thoughts on “Things you can Google if you want to find my blog.

  1. I found your blog searching for something to the effect of “how to avoid washing hair after exercise.” I’m shooting for four days of no shampoo after workouts at least 3 of those days. Which begs the next question. What shampoo should we use once we finally make it through the days of no hair washing? I already use sulfate-free products, but I recently heard about using just a scalp cleanser to avoid using shampoo at all. Are you up to this challenge?!

    • Thanks so much for commenting – I love hearing how people find the blog.

      I also use sulfate-free products when washing my hair. I’ve toyed with the idea of skipping shampoo entirely in favor of a baking soda and water mix, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. That might have to be my next experiment!

      • So I made it Saturday to Thursday, 3 serious workouts and no shampoo! By today my hair did not look nearly as good as yours did in the pictures, but I noticed every morning it seemed to have improved a bit from the night before, which I attributed to the oil redistribution??! Anyway, the hair wash today was great and the results of my blow out are fabulous. I thought about the baking soda route but I was just not up to it! I’ll wait to see how it goes with you first, ha!

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