Things I learned after publishing yesterday’s post.

1. Joey admitted that the creature he had killed in our bedroom was roughly the size of a chipmunk. We should all just start evacuating now.

2. Apparently this fact lessens the chance that it was an actual cockroach and increased the likelihood that it was what people around here call a “waterbug.”

I’M SORRY. A waterbug is one of those spidery things that dances across ponds and lakes and looks like the insect version of a ballerina. IT CANNOT BE MISTAKEN FOR A COCKROACH.

Apparently New York waterbugs look exactly like cockroaches except giant. I had to hear no fewer than three people tell me last night, “Oh, that doesn’t sound like a cockroach. It had to have been a waterbug.” Then they would look at me like they had just delivered reassuring news.

My response:


Cuz, uh, guys? “Bug that looks just like a cockroach but is technically not a cockroach because it’s BIGGER” is not a consolation.

The only thing that might actually be a consolation? Apparently waterbugs are less of an infestation-type thing and more of a one-off occurrence. WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

On the bright side, when you tell people your cockroach horror stories in New York, invariably someone tops you. Which means I have heard some of the more horrendous, nightmare-inducing cockroach stories of my life in the last 12 hours. I haven’t even begun to live the cockroach nightmare. (One of my friends was actually pinned down and had an entire cockroach nest swarm his body. At that point, I’m pretty sure I just black out and hope I never come to.)

So anyway. I haven’t burned down my apartment (yet). But if this happens again…I just don’t know, you guys.

***EDIT: OMG I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Joey also admitted that the reason why he woke up and saw the cockroach/waterbug/stuff-of-nightmares in the first place is because he HEARD SOMETHING CHEWING THE PLASTIC THAT OUR RUG IS WRAPPED IN.

I need you to take a second and think about that. He woke up from SLEEP because he could HEAR this INSECT CHEWING. CHEWING. LIKE YOU CAN HEAR A SMALL CHILD CHEWING. CHEWINGCHEWINGCHEWING. I literally cannot get over it. CANNOT WILL NOT.

13 thoughts on “Things I learned after publishing yesterday’s post.

    • I completely agree. I’m also not clicking on that link because I’m scared there will be a roach picture.

  1. Are you sure it’s not a stink bug? Those haunted me all through dorm living. They look roach-like, but they fly (and buzz while flying).

    • Stop it. That is not a real thing. I can’t handle there being ANOTHER roach-type of bug that is going to fly and buzz and haunt me.

  2. Note to self: I can no longer read this blog before lunch. I just Googled ‘New York Water Bug’ … and I might be scarred for life. And this is coming from a country photographer living in Kansas who actually likes bugs (outside) and taking pictures of them. But I can’t imagine being in a small apartment and seeing one of these in the middle of the night. I just can’t. Gah. Also, guys, just don’t Google this. Just don’t.

    • NEVER GOOGLE!! I literally make my mom google these things FOR me because I’m too scared a photo of one will pop up. One of my coworkers sent me a cockroach meme yesterday as a “joke” and when I opened the email, I lost. My. Mind. I just can’t.

  3. When you were little, I tried to teach you and your sister to like bugs, and as you remember, your sister would often come to dinner with several rolly poly bugs encased in her little fist. Apparently my efforts to sensitize you to nature’s wonders were not as successful as I’d hoped… (BTW, it didn’t work for your mom either).

  4. Woman, you need to bug bomb that apartment STAT. Whenever I move into a new apartment it’s one of the first things I do after I get all my stuff moved in. You can get bug bombs at pretty much any hardware store. They are effective. DO IT.

  5. Chewing?! Reminds me of when we had a grasshopper as a roommate. Just plain terrifying.

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