Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a little bit of a holding pattern.

I mean, everything is good. There’s just not that much going on.

Work is fine. Everything with Joey and me is good. Life is pretty much business as usual.

So why aren’t I completely at peace with that?

I’ve mentioned before how I have problems being content. I’m an achiever, so if I’m not striving toward some goal, I think I feel a little lost. Like I don’t have a direction. I’ve never been very good at coasting.

Which is why (I assume) whenever I get too comfortable with anything, or feel like it’s not that much of a challenge anymore, I get a little restless.

And goodness knows I don’t have much to blog about when I’m overly content. Meaning you guys are the real victims here. (Right, guys?)

Fortunately, I think we’re just in a bit of a slow patch. In the next couple of months, I have a half marathon (my first in over a year!), I might be doing a tough mudder (more on that later), and I’m heading home to Iowa for the Thanksgiving break (could NOT be more excited). Hopefully those adventures will bring about a few interesting stories.

Maybe this is just a seasonal transition. Anyone else feeling a bit stuck-in-a-rut?

4 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Honestly? No I don’t. Not right now anyway. A lot of things going on right now but a rut is not one of them.

  2. ALL. THE. TIME. NOW. I’ve complained to people at law school who read my blog that I feel like I have nothing to say anymore. It’s like, I go to school, I come home, I do homework. Aaand there is my life, haha. In response, I’ve just had to try to be more creative – partially to find things to write about, and partially just finding time to write.

    I’ll be in Iowa City over Thanksgiving! It’d be great to see you, but I bet you’ll be in Des Moines. πŸ™‚

  3. I always appreciate your honesty! I love that you wrote about this because I’m the exact same way. Right now, our total focus is on Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, but I’m already worried I won’t have a “goal” afterwards, so I’m thinking about doing a race, or planning a housewarming party, or something to work on in my “free” time. It’s so hard because while of course, I’m looking forward to just being married and having a new husband, I can’t help but look towards our new goal/activity. You’re not the only one! πŸ™‚

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