Big wheel (of justice) keeps on turning

You’ll be pleased to know there is still some justice in this world. And, obviously, you have me to thank.

Here’s how my jury duty experience went down.

I arrived to the court house around 10:00 a.m. as requested. (One bonus to jury duty: getting to sleep in a smidge.)

My fellow jurors and I waited for the bailiff to escort us into the court room. You’ll be pleased to know that the courtroom looked pretty much exactly like you think it would. (AKA, what it looks like on Law & Order.)

My fellow mock trial nerds will also be extremely pleased to know that real court is pretty much EXACTLY like mock trial court. (Minus the extremely colorful characters and 16-year-old attorneys.) There was even a visual aid mounted on a foam core board. I mean, I was having severe flashbacks.

The trial itself went fairly quickly (we were only deciding liability). The plaintiff testified; the defendant testified. There were opening and closing arguments. One thing that I wasn’t expecting was that the judge gave us a breakdown of the laws relevant to the case.

After the arguments, we retired to our jury chambers (ok, it was a room on the floor above the courtroom) to deliberate and make our ruling.

Yes, I did feel a tiny thrill of power. So sue me. (GET IT?)

After we delivered our verdict, the judge thanked us for our time and then (and this was a surprise) the attorneys asked us to wait around a bit so they could ask us some questions. Then they basically asked us to rate their lawyer-ing. Which was awkward. But hopefully helpful for them?

So anyway. I’m now free from jury duty for the next four years, which is nice. And the case itself was probably as easy as it could have been.

Although, it has to be said, all those times our mock trial judges told us that we were better prepared than most attorneys they’ve seen? I get it now. These guys seemed like they were just winging it. But I digress.

Anyway. That’s how I kept the justice system intact. You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Big wheel (of justice) keeps on turning

  1. I’m glad in the end you enjoyed your jury duty experience. Really though my client and I are very pleased with you and your fellow jurors verdict. As for the jury feedback it was incomprehensible, neither of us had any clue what you guys were talking about. Lastly, I was prepared to wing it.

    Very truly yours, David M. Gottfried, Esq.

    • Ha! I’m totally embarrassed, didn’t think you’d ever see this. At the very least, at least we found in your favor?

  2. I was going to ask about the jury feedback, but now that I understand it was incomprehensible, nevermind.

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