Never ever


I try to limit the amount of time I spend talking about diet or losing weight.

In girl world, this is an anomaly. (Did you read that in Cady Heron’s voice? Because I did.) My dear friend Madison did a series of posts a while back about “fat talk,” which some of you may remember I contributed to.

I think I’m pretty open about my insecurities in general, I just don’t see a lot of benefit in perpetuating fat talk or this idea that it’s wrong to not feel fat or disgusting all the time.

True story: I recently went to a few wineries with a bunch of my gal pals. Someone a took group picture, and one of the girls didn’t love how she looked in it. Another girl replied, “Girls never like how they look in pictures.”

Think about that. Girls never like how they look in pictures. Never. Because you are female, you will never like how you look.

Doesn’t that make you sad? It makes me sad.

Without really thinking, I replied, “I do!”

I didn’t mean that I thought I look good in every photo, I just meant, yes, it was possible for me to see a photo of myself and not be repulsed.

Everyone just chuckled and the conversation moved on. But the moment stayed with me.

It made me think about if I had a daughter, honestly. While I would want my daughter to be humble and to keep things like appearance in their place (that is, not thinking they’re the most important), I also want her to feel comfortable in the fact that she is not wrong-looking. I want her to feel like she can like how she looks in a photo.

I’m curious what my other female readers think (or male readers, if you have a thought about this). Do you feel pressure to deride your own looks in groups of women? Do you feel like you’re sincere in doing this? Do you never like a photo of yourself?

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