Fix my Fix.

A few months ago, I told you all about a new online personal shopping service I had started using called Stitch Fix.


As you might recall, I loved my first Fix. Like, I lot. I kept everything that my stylist sent. After that, though, things started to change.


I’ve had three subsequent Fixes. The second Fix was the worst — I actually wondered if it might have been sent to the wrong person the style was so off the profile I had created.


The third fix was just a little…underwhelming. What I loved about my first shipment was how unique each piece was without completely disregarding my existing style. My friend Diana ended up buying a pair of pants from me that came in the third Fix, though, so at least I didn’t lose the styling fee.


After my fourth Fix, I was ready to throw in the towel. It seemed like each box contained one baggy sweater, one simple-ish dress, one piece of jewelry that wasn’t me at all, and some kind of maroon bottom. (Last time it was the pants, this time it was an ill-fitting skirt.)


I was disappointed, but mostly frustrated. I felt like my profile (which I had carefully crafted and linked to an equally carefully crafted Pinterest board) was being completely ignored. I decided to keep one of the dresses because I had some SF credit (and I didn’t want to waste the $20 fee), but I emailed Stitch Fix expressing my concerns and letting them know I was done — and how frustrated I was considering I had referred so many friends to the service.


Their customer service was extremely helpful, emailing me promptly and offering a $20 credit to give them one more try. She also reconnected my Pinterest board (which apparently wasn’t working…though I’m a little skeptical since no one mentioned it until now) and asked for a few more details to add to my profile. She also arranged for me to get the same stylist who put together my first Fix.


So I’m actually pretty excited for my next shipment (due next month). I feel like it is going to be much better tailored than my last shipments have been. Plus, the Aaliyah Velvet Zig-Zag Fit & Flare Dress I ended up with is pretty cute.




Want to try Stitch Fix for yourself? Sign up here (if you click that link, I get a referral credit for sending you over when your order your first Fix).


For those of you who have tried it, have you had a similar experience? I’m hoping that it was just a fluke because I really do like the idea behind the company.

4 thoughts on “Fix my Fix.

  1. I have had similar up and down experiences with Stitch Fix. Overall, I really love the service. Some of my favorite tops and dresses (like the one I’m wearing today) have been from my fixes. I wish that I got the same stylist every time because some boxes I feel are spot on and others are a little bit wacky. I have always managed to find something that I really do like.

    • I love everything you wear from your Fixes! I actually linked to one of your Instagram posts recently and was like, “I want this.” haha

  2. unfortunately, I had a very similar experience. i got 2 fixes, and both times, everything in it was just kind of.. blah? in the first box, nothing fit well and it was very boho-chic — whereas my pinterest board showcases i’m all about preppy, streamlined J Crew-esque items — so i emailed them. customer service did not respond for a few weeks, but then got in touch, apologizing profusely and sending me a 2nd box. they also asked me to make sure to include my pinterest. (i was like: yup. already did.) the 2nd box was better, but still… nothing that great! i remember a cute sweater and a dress, both of which were upwards of $80-100, and i have to really love something to just drop that much on a singular item.

    all that being said, one of my best friends literally buys everything she gets in her fixes because she loves it so much. i wish i had a better experience!

  3. New commenter- wanted to say thanks for your lovely posts!

    As for Stitch Fix- I had the same experience!

    I RAVED about the company to everyone I knew- and then the second fix was awful. The third was just as bad, so I cancelled the rest. It’s unfortunate because it is such a fun concept- especially as working full time and makes finding time to go shopping hard.

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