The time I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

It has been almost a year since I’ve done any kind of race.


The last one was a 5-mile turkey trot that left me limping and wondering if maybe it wasn’t time to stop ignoring that pain in my heel after all.


After a year of taking it easy and hoping my plantar fasciitis would just go away, only to be rewarded with a less severe dull aching sensation whenever I tried incorporating cardio or walking a lot or wearing certain shoes.


It was exactly as much fun as it sounds.


After about nine months of that, I decided to try new shoes. After all, it was new shoes that cured my shin splints problem, right?


Almost miraculously, the new shoes worked. After a single run, I started to notice a difference, including that I had less pain even when I wasn’t wearing the shoes. Running in these more supportive sneaks was repairing my foot better than almost a year of rest ever had.


Shout out to New Balance: Making long-distance dreams come true for flat footed gals everywhere.


It was around this time that my friend Diana asked me if I wanted to do the Philadelphia Half with her. I accepted the offer, excited to get back to it.


Of course, even with my healing heel, I had a lot to work back to as I started training for my first half marathon in over a year. It helped that my running partner, Diana, is always pushing her own limits, which inspired me to do the same.


By the time the race rolled around, I had cut my nine-minute-something mile down to a consistent eight or lower, and we were pacing to finish the race in about 1:45.


Exciting stuff, right?


Well, sorry to disappoint you, but my body had other ideas.


Not to get too TMI on ya, but I got my period the day before the race. And the. I started getting cramps around mile two.


Thanks, uterus!


I’m not going to lie — I wanted to quit. At one point, I actually thought to myself, “If I could cheat and just be done, I think I would do that.”


But by some strength I didn’t really know I had, I kept plodding along. My final time was two hours even — twenty minutes slower than planned, but still better than my first half time. Go figure, right?




Diana is an animal and finished just under 1:40. I know, right??




I’m just chalking it up as motivation to do another one in the spring. Gotta defend my rep, after all.


The rest of the weekend was lovely. We spent time with Diana’s family, all of whom I loved, and ate a bunch of great food. We’re currently on the train home, and I’m pretty excited to see a certain someone’s face after work.


Spoiler alert: It’s Joey’s face. I just like him, ok?




16 thoughts on “The time I ran the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

  1. a) you’re an animal too. you beasted those 13.1 in some serious discomfort. Fist bump. Chest bump. Hugs.

    b) Um, does everyone know Justine can sing like nobody’s business? After dinner with the Marko’s last night, we asked her to show her stuff (having heard here and there that she sings a bit) and she knocked us flat. Encores a go-go. #bestguestever #dinnerandashow

  2. Sorry to hear the race didn’t turn out as planned! Congrats on finishing another half. The crowds were awesome when I ran it 2 years ago, so I hope they helped you push through. As for a redemption race, you should enter the lottery for the NYC Half! And/or run the Brooklyn Half.

  3. Tell me more about these shoes… as a fellow flat footed woman who’s struggled with ankle/foot pain I’m interested! You are a total rockstar and inspiration — keep running and writing!

    Big Hug,


    • Aw you are so nice πŸ™‚

      My shoes are New Balance 880 V3. I’m a bit obsessed. Hope it helps!

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