Blogger Style Swap: First Impressions + A Sneak Peek

Time for an update on my Blogger Style Swap!

As I’ve said, I was so excited to see what Kayla and Madison had sent me — they both have such great personal style, and I covet their clothes on a regular basis.

For this reveal post, we decided to rate each item we saved on the following scales:

What it was:
First impressions:
Comfort Zone Score: (with 1 being “exactly my style” and 10 being “whoooa Nelly!”)


Here’s what I thought of Madison’s shipment:

What it was: Black and camel striped skirt
First impressions: LOVE. Seriously, can I wear it right now?
Comfort Zone Score: 1 (I mean, it’s from Banana Republic, and as Joey established, BR is my jam.)

What it was: Ivory satin tank with black lace detail
First impressions: The colors are great, and I’ve been looking for more interesting tops (aka, shirts that aren’t just solid navy, black, or white).
Comfort Zone Score: 4, mostly because I don’t wear a lot of blouse-y shirts in general.

What it was: Orange jeweled statement necklace
First impressions: I love a good statement necklace, but I hardly ever wear orange. Time to get creative!
Comfort Zone Score: 5 for color, 1 for sentiment 🙂

And here’s what I thought of Kayla’s items:

What it was: Gray turtleneck
First impressions: Solid color, and I’ve actually been meaning to try out turtlenecks again. I don’t think I’ve worn one for over a decade — it’s time.
Comfort Zone Score: 2. I can rock a solid long-sleeve shirt like nobody’s business.

What it was: Gray blazer made with sweatshirt material (I don’t know if there’s a fancier term for that.)
First impressions: I love mixing casual and dressier styles, so this blazer is a great example of that in a single piece (and who hasn’t been tempted by the whole fancy sweatshirt/sweatpants trend that’s happening right now?). Plus, I love the contrasting polka dot material at the ends of the sleeves.
Comfort Zone Score: 4. I love blazers, but this material is still new to me in not-actually-sweatshirt form.

What it was: Champagne-colored trapeze dress with jeweled collar
First impressions: I’m going to be totally honest, I was a bit intimidated by this dress. It’s a silhouette I never wear (I’m convinced you have to be tall and teeny-tiny to make it work — two things I am not), and I had serious concerns about looking tent-like. Serious. Concerns.
Comfort Zone Score: 9 for the silhouette alone. I am clearly very particular about my fits ha.

SO HOW DID I STYLE THEM? Guess you’ll have to come back next Monday to see. But just because I’m super generous, here’s another sneak peek:


Get Madison’s first impressions here, and Kayla’s here.

See you next week!

Photos by my ever-so-talented sister, Joelle of Figment Art Photography. (She’s awesome, so if you live anywhere near Des Moines, you should hire her right this second to photograph your senior pics/baby pics/family pics/wedding pics/awkward blogger style photos. Like, now.)