Blogger Style Swap: How I Wore It

Time to get off those tenterhooks, folks, because the time has finally arrived to reveal how I styled the six items I received from Kayla and Madison for our Blogger Style Swap!

For those of you just tuning in, Kayla, Madison, and I were all cleaning out our closets around the same time and thought it would be fun to send each other three items that we never wore anymore to see if a new person could breathe some life into them. While some of the things I received were right up my alley, others took me right out of my comfort zone. (Get my full first impressions here.)

Here’s how I styled each piece (please don’t judge my awkward poses…a model I am NOT):


What it was: Black and camel striped skirt
This skirt was definitely one of my favorite things I received. The colors, pattern, and shape were totally the kind of thing I would have bought, so styling it happened pretty naturally. I added a pair of tights, black booties, and an over-sized black sweater to balance out the fitted bottom. At the last second, a gold necklace and one of my sister’s hats was thrown into the mix.


What it was: Ivory satin tank with black lace detail
I loved how this shirt was neutral but still had some visual interest. It paired easily with a pair of black jodhpurs, brown boots, and a navy tweed blazer I had just bought on Black Friday.


What it was: Orange jeweled statement necklace
Statement necklaces are a big part of my every day look, so this one was easy too. I simply threw it on over a crewneck, long-sleeve black dress, and I was good to go.


What it was: Gray turtleneck
As I mentioned last week, I haven’t worn a turtleneck in ages. But I loved this one so much, I actually recently ordered two more in a similar style! I styled the one Kayla sent me with a burgundy pencil skirt, a furry infinity scarf my sister had given me, and the highest top knot I could manage.


What it was: Gray contrast-cuff blazer
I’ve always been a fan of blazers, and this one had cute polka-dot cuffs that gave an otherwise basic piece a little somethin’ extra. I wore it over a black dress with tights and added a jeweled statement necklace. Because I like bling, ok?


What it was: Champagne-colored trapeze dress with jeweled collar
Aaaand finally, the dress I was most nervous about from the moment I took it out of the box. Ironically, it also ended up with the least amount of styling! All I did was add tights and black booties and another top knot. The dress was a little long on me, so the added height of the hair helped. If I’d had more time, I might have tried to get it altered in length and around the waist a bit, but in the end, it worked out just fine.

So there you have it! Overall, I had a great time exchanging clothes with both these stylish ladies — and got a few new favorite pieces out of the deal!

Don’t miss how Kayla styled her pieces here. (I’ll add a link to Madison’s post when it goes up 🙂

All photos by Figment Art Photography.

8 thoughts on “Blogger Style Swap: How I Wore It

  1. HOW did you do that topknot?! You look adorable, by the way. But seriously. The topknot. I tried this the other day (I cut up an old sock because Pinterest told me to and it was the biggest fail ever).

    • That’s why my top knot is so big…it’s full of secrets.

      But seriously, I’m actually going to do a post on these this week because people ask me all the time! Stay tuned 🙂

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