What to wear in Paris

First, thank you for all the kind words so many of you sent me after reading this post. I didn’t write it in a cheap attempt to get compliments (I swear, I really am over it now), but it was still nice to realize how far that support system I mentioned reaches. You’re all wonderful.

Now, let’s talk about something frivolous, shall we?

As you may know (from the 8 million times I mention it), I’m taking a little trip this week. To Paris. The primary purpose is to run my first full marathon, but the rest of the week will be dedicated to enjoying France. (Life is such a trial sometimes, isn’t it?)

I started packing last night, and then I thought, you know what I haven’t done in a while? Written a “what to wear” post. Heaven forbid this blog goes legit and only posts about feelings, right?

Here are three variations of outfits I’ve put together for three of the activities I’m most looking forward to on our trip. You know, just in case anyone out there is looking for a little Parisian inspiration.

First, a general sight-seeing uniform:

Paris Sightseeing

Next up, what I plan to wear whilst touring Monet’s gardens:

Touring Monet's Garden

And finally, my ensemble for our all-day wine tour:

French Wine Country

I’m hoping to contain my overpacking instincts by sticking to a simple color palette — only black, white, navy, and pink/coral are making the cut. Anyone else have good tips to avoid overpacking for long-ish trips?

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am for this trip! I’ll be back in a week with (hopefully) tons of great photos and stories to share. À bientôt!

6 thoughts on “What to wear in Paris

  1. Aaah Paris sounds so amazing! I am so jealous! I think my favorite outfit is the 3rd one – so perfect for a wine tour! I really hope you have good weather. When I was there in June 2009 it was rainy and a little chilly all weekend. I had no idea it would be that cold and I should have brought close-toed shoes and a jacket. I hope your trip is sunny and warm!! 🙂

    • I hope so too! The forecast right now is high 60s (woo!), but I’m going to pack a few pairs of close-toed shoes as well. I can’t wait!

  2. Love the three outfits you showed us and see potential for mixing and matching too! You are so organized! Have a great race! We will be thinking about you on Sunday especially. Enjoy every minute and have a Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! Love you!!!

  3. Omgosh, I WANT the water color scarf! You are going to have so much fun and look tres chic!

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