Spring Simplification Update

In case you were wondering, I do see the irony of writing about how I’m going to simplify my life and then getting a dog. But he’s little, you guys. And so cute. I mean, have you seen the face?

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 2.04.56 PM


The point is, despite adding something major to our lives, I have still managed to complete a few of my simplification tasks. Let’s run through the list, shallll we?

Move bed back
Hooks for hats and bags
Move trunk into bedroom
Hang curtains
Fix pictures over drawers

New coffee table or TV dinner trays
Clean up corners
Map for over couch (ordered)
Organize desk area

Straighten linen closet
Clean out front closet
Reorganize crawl space

Get Norden IKEA table
Sell dinner table
Clean out pantry

That’s six things. That’s over a third of the list, people. All whilst housetraining (and snuggling) a very adorable dog. I am proud of myself.

While simplifying our apartment continues to chug along, I also want to refocus and get better about managing our time and responsibilities. One big step in that is getting more organized about our meals for the week.

I have never been someone who plans meals. When I was single, I knew what I liked to eat (a lot of vegetables, whole wheat pasta, salads, egg sandwiches, etc.) so I just made sure to have those things on-hand and whipped them up as desired. Now that Joey does most of the cooking, it’s helpful for him to have an idea what to make so he can do the grocery shopping all at once (instead of going every single day, a process that takes more time and stress).

My plan is to put together meal ideas and shopping lists twice a month, planning out meals two weeks at a time. Ideally, this will not only mean less stress, but also healthier and less expensive meals each week.

Healthier? Less expensive? Less stress? Sounds pretty good to me.

What are your simplifying secrets?