3 Things I’m Really Bad At

If we’re friends on Facebook, yes the idea for this post did come from my status yesterday. Apologies for what could arguably be called leftovers.

Yesterday, I was thinking about strengths and weaknesses in a joke-y sort of way. (I’m such a card.) Like, what if the next time a job interviewer asked you what your weaknesses were, you were really honest?

Not like, “I check Facebook a lot during work and get hammered every weekend” honest. Like, what are you actually kind of terrible at?

I’ll start. Here are my three biggest real life weaknesses.

1. Making spontaneous dinner plans.
You guys. I am so annoying to make plans with. Turns out the biggest downside to being SUPER organized and having a very up-to-date calendar is that I get very stressed out if I don’t have things planned out in advance. Sometimes this means my calendar is booked up for up to two months at a time.

THIS IS NOT ME HUMBLEBRAGGING THAT I’M POPULAR. I’m not. Not even close. I just get plans with my little circle of friends down in the books tout de suite rather than wait to see what the weekend holds.

I’m pretty sure this has something to do with a particular scarring Saturday in middle school when literally EVERYONE had plans except me and I spent the afternoon holding back tears and eating string cheese while watching a marathon of Even Stevens. It was a dark time.

The point is, I am a master plan-maker. Which is helpful if you want the next two months booked solid at a time. Not so much if you just wanted to see if anyone was free to try the new sushi place in the east village? Hmm? Anyone?

Spoiler alert: Rarely me. I am rarely free. If I have a free night, it’s because I did it on purpose so I could hang curtains and clean my kitchen. Sorry for asking if you have August 23rd open instead.

2. Parallel parking.
YES, I know I can’t really be an adult if I can’t do this. And, yes, it is hard living in Queens if you can’t do this. And, actually, I’m only really bad at this 95 percent of the time. (The other 5? I nail it, you guys. It’s like a driver’s ed video example of how to correctly parallel park.)

The problem is that other 95 percent, also known as most of the time.

You guys. I have literally attempted to parallel park, then messed it up SO badly I just drove away because I was so embarrassed. I’ve abandoned spots, the cardinal sin of city living. But if people start honking and staring and piling up behind me, I can’t deal with it and bail out.

I am being totally sincere when I tell you that if I take the car out, I will double-park in front of the building and wait for Joey to come out and park the car.

To answer the question on your mind, yes, it is embarrassing and pathetic. AND YET HERE WE ARE.

3. Judging character.
I sometimes fool myself into thinking that I am a great judge of character. I definitely pick up on people’s vibes right away.

But you know what? There have been at least five times in my life when I was convinced that someone was just the coolest for months at a time, when suddenly something happened that their true colors reared their ugly heads and I was dealt a very rude awakening that I had been totally wrong.

And I’m just sitting there like, how did I not see that? At all? Not even an inkling!

So, I’m throwing in the “good judge of character” card. Because the times I was off I was that far off. Apparently I can’t trust anyone, least of all my own judgment.

Ok, now YOU go. What are your three biggest real life weaknesses?

5 thoughts on “3 Things I’m Really Bad At

  1. Dude, for reals. I am so #1. My calendar is filled out months in advance and I get super stressy when people want to be spontaneous esp wehn it comes to food. I plan out what I’m going to eat each day based on the number of calories I want/need to consume for the amount of exercise I’m doing and I can’t just throw that out the window! Yes, that makes me sound like a crazy person, but I also know that I eat a lot more when I’m in a social setting, and I have to control for that.

    Parallel parking, I’m actually not terrible at, but I do have a traumatic story from when I first started driving. I was driving a teeny tiny Dodge Colt with a manual transmission and NO power steering (a lot of people don’t even know that’s possible, but it is). I was running late for accounting class in High School after having gone home for lunch and I needed to parallel park. I managed to get into the spot, but I was too far from the curb. For some reason, instead of just starting over completely, I inched back and forth and back and forth, which took tremendous effort because of the aforementioned lack of power steering. There was a crew of construction workers who actually stopped working to watch me attempt to park, and when I finally finished and got out of the car (sweaty and sore), they clapped. I STILL think of that every single time I try to parallel park.

    • Your story is exactly how I feel EVERY time I try to park. The sweaty/nervous thing? That is me. Every. Time.

  2. Number 1 is soo you hahaha but I still love ya. Parallel parking is over rated, albeit sometimes necessary. Honestly I’d rather park a block away in an easier spot and walk then to go through the stress of parallel parking lol. And as for judging character, I like to think that we just see the good in people and aren’t hardened by life yet so we remain optimistic that a friendly face is a potential friend.

    My three real life weaknesses are: constantly being *fashionably* late (aka the complete opposite of you lol), not always being as considerate as I could be (I always honestly forget to ask whether someone else wants something when I’m getting something for myself) , and I’m the worst at keeping in touch

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