Spring Simplification Update, 2

As much as I love a major overhaul, in general, it’s not possible. (Thanks, budgets.)

Rather than mope at the fact that I’m not a millionaire (forever), I try to embrace the tweak. You may remember this was the basis of my Spring Simplification List.

Well, lucky for you (okay, mostly lucky for me), I’ve crossed a few more things off the list. Here’s the latest update (new crossed off things in purple):

Move bed back
Hooks for hats and bags
Move trunk into bedroom
Hang curtains
Fix pictures over drawers

New coffee table or TV dinner trays
Clean up corners
Map for over couch
Organize desk area
Create more organized entryway

Straighten linen closet
Clean out front closet
Reorganize crawl space

Get Norden IKEA table
Sell dinner table (added to Craigslist)
Clean out pantry

The new map over the couch is probably my favorite update.


It’s quite nice not staring at a blank, empty wall. Even Bogey likes it!

The especially obsessive readers will also notice that I added (and then promptly crossed off) a new item on the list: organizing the entryway. Now that we have the Boges and his various accoutrements, we needed a better way to store leashes, keys, wallets, etc. (Okay, so Bogey is only responsible for one of those things. STILL.) Our old front door rug also needed to be replaced because it would slide way too easily under a rambunctious pup, meaning I had to fix it about three times a day.



A new key hook, a bin for bulkier items, and a new front rug with a grippy bottom (for when games of fetch get out of hand) makes for a much more streamlined entryway.

I also finally added some more organization in the bedroom with a few hooks.


By taking those things out of my wardrobe, I have more room inside for things that aren’t as pretty to display. (Looking at you, pile of jeans.)

As for the kitchen table, I haven’t sold it yet, but I added it to Craigslist, so hopefully soon.

The next things on the list I’m prioritizing are cleaning out the crawl space (so I can finally finish organizing the bedroom), updating the art above our dresser drawers, and an IKEA run to get the kitchen table replacement.

Right now, I’m on the hunt for something inexpensive to do above the drawers. I have three small frames, but I’m not sure if they stand alone very well. I kind of want to do some kind of horizontal poster or painting because I need another gallery wall like I need a hole in the head. So…stay tuned.

What home tweaks have y’all been making. And any tips for what to put above my dresser? Here’s what it looks like now for reference:


Help me end the blank wall epidemic in my home for good.