Five Years in New York

Today is the fifth anniversary of my move to New York.

First NY apartment
First NY apartment

When I used to talk about moving here, I would always add that the official plan was to move here for ten years, and then probably head west to California.

Now that I’ve made it halfway through that timeline, I’m less confident in my ability to stick it out the full ten years (it’s hard living here, yo), but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

My sister and I on one of my first trips to the city.

New York is the city where I met, dated, and married my husband. It’s the first place I lived entirely separate from my family. It’s where I’ve made some of my dearest friendships. It’s where I had my first (and second, third, fourth, and fifth) real, grown-up jobs. It’s where we started our life with the Boges.

ahhh the dating days
ahhh the dating days

New York City is a city like no other in the world. Where “only in New York!” moments happen literally every day. I mean, yesterday during work, there were Broadway show previews happening in the alley behind my building. Just because they can.

In this place, I’ve almost been hit by a car, encountered traumatizing wildlife, and survived a hurricane. I’ve eaten amazing food and celebrated anniversaries and gotten to do things I couldn’t done have pretty much anywhere else.

In short, as much as I rag on the NYC, this city has been pretty good to me.

And whether I’m here for another five years or not, it’s safe to say a part of me will always heart New York.

4 thoughts on “Five Years in New York

  1. I have so much to say about this. First of all, you WILL sincerely miss NYC when you leave it, no matter how much it drives you crazy on any given day right now. Unless you leave to another huge city. It’s really convenient for a bit, to have free parking and gold medal commute times. Then all your friends and neighbors start posting pics and check-ins at amazing new restaurants down the street, and beautiful dog parks, and your upcoming concert emails are so exciting until you realize that these shows will no longer be within your reach. Late night dining is a joke. You suddenly start questioning your very existence and purpose, you definitely begin to doubt your decision making skills. Anyway…New York will always be a part of you. I never thought I would miss LA as much as I do right now.

    Moving on…I don’t know why I clicked on traumatizing wildlife. I think because deep down, I KNEW what you were going to say, but I wanted to confirm. I never knew I had such a phobia until I moved to LA, where people ALSO affectionately refer to them as “waterbugs.” In fact, one time a massive cockroach crawled out of the drain and sprinted (yes) across our floor at Starbucks!! I shrieked and my supervisor just stomped it before any customers noticed. This is not to say we had a dirty store. In fact, it was immaculate – I am pretty judgmental of every other Starbucks for not being on par. BUT, the other employees justified it as being a “waterbug” and therefore nothing to worry about…the “real problem” is when you have the smaller roaches, which equate to an infestation. All I’m saying is that after that incident, I was relieved of all future drain cleaning duties, because I would quite literally get anxiety, full on tears, lose my shit over a simple chore. I FEEL YOU.

    Lastly, a friendly suggestion: Never go to Costa Rica.

    • 1. I believe you about missing NY. Probably in the same nostalgic way I miss Iowa now.

      2. I’m surprised you ever stepped foot back in that Starbucks.

      3. Noted.

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