Money-Saving Beauty Products Round-up

Living in New York City, it can cost a lot to look the way you want. Stylists are more expensive, manicures are more mandatory, and there’s almost always something going on that you want to dress up for. And while I’m all for maintaining my style, I hate feeling like I’m spending money on something that is ultimately going to grow out or wash away. Recently, though, I’ve started relying on three products that not only contribute to my beauty routine, but also save me money. Win-win, right?

For those of you also interested in saving money and saving face (and hair), I figured I’d share my round-up. Enjoy!


Dollar Shave Club*
Hopefully my (very few) male readers haven’t already glazed over and abandoned this post, but the first thing on the list is something for ladies and gentlemen. My brother was the first person to introduce me to The Dollar Shave Club, and I have to admit, he has good ideas sometimes. Not only is this club MUCH cheaper than shelling out for a new Venus razor every few weeks, it’s also more convenient (razor heads come to you!). And because it’s cheaper and mailed direct, you will actually change your razor every week like you are supposed to. HYGIENE!


Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo
My brunette readers can skip ahead to the next product rec — this one is all about my blondies. You know how a few weeks after you get highlights, that magical, bright ashy blonde starts to fade into something more…orange? (The technical term is “brassy,” but we ALL know what that really means.) If you’re already spending hundreds a year to keep your hair the color of the sun, the last thing you want is to simply wash it all down the drain. LITERALLY.

This shampoo helps stop that. I think I’m actually the last person on the planet to “discover” it, but just in case, here you go. Get a bottle tout de suite. It’s less than $10, and it really, truly works, so you really have no excuse not to.


Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray
All right, fellas, you can officially move on. (Probably.) This product is only beneficial for those of us who wear makeup — make the choice for yourself. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started actually investing in the beauty products I buy (instead of just grabbing the cheapest thing at Walgreens). The result: Better makeup and better skin. Also? A more sizeable bite out of my budget. So if I’m going to spend more money, I want to make sure the look is going to last. And last. And last. That’s why I was so thrilled to discover this little miracle worker in the Sephora checkout line. Not only does it set your makeup, it actually helps keep your face from getting shiny by the end of the day. And it REALLY works — just ask my (formerly) slick T-zone.

So there you have it. What are your favorite products to prolong your look?

*Affiliate link…if that bothers anyone.