Try Something New: City Row

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By now, you might be a little burnt out on spin classes, stair climbers, and running around in the 80+ degree weather we’ve been experiencing. That’s where the latest fitness studio trend comes in: rowing.

I had experienced rowing in my Throwback Fitness classes, but I had yet to take a class entirely around the old school workout technique. I got my chance when I booked a class at Row City through my ClassPass.

If you’re looking to try something new with your workouts, here’s what I thought of this gym:

The Gym
Space: The first thing I noticed was that the gym itself is fairly small, but it’s still bright and airy because most of the walls are windows. There is only one studio space with about 20 rowers. The main difference between these rowers and the ones I had seen before was that these had a rudder-like mechanism that actually pushes through water, making it more similar to what actual rowing would be like (I guess?). There are no showers or locker rooms, but you can change in the (semi cramped) bathroom down the call. There are cubbies to keep your things while you workout. Water is not provided, but there is a machine to fill water bottles.
Cleanliness: The bathroom is really for the entire floor of the office building, so technically City Row isn’t responsible for keeping it clean. Like I said, it’s not the greatest place I’ve ever changed, but it does the trick. The gym itself is very clean, and the machines are wiped down between classes.
Attitude: Everyone I met who worked at the gym was very upbeat and friendly. The instructor made a point of trying to learn everyone’s name, and there were a few people who were new so I didn’t stick out.

The Workout
Difficulty (Out of 10, 1 being “could do it in my sleep” and 10 being “omg I can’t walk”): 7-8. I feel like if I went again, I would get a bit better of a workout. I didn’t love this new style of rower, and it took a bit of getting used to so I couldn’t go as hard as I normally would. I also felt like the lower body moves you do between rowing sprints could have been more challenging.
Experience: Over all, it was a positive experience, and I think I’ll go back. I like rowing as a total-body alternative to work on cardio endurance, and I think then next time I go I’ll be more familiar with the technique.
Afterburn: I wasn’t particularly sore the next day, but right after the class I felt fully worked out. What a really like is leaving a class feeling like I exercised every part of my body, and this definitely delivered on that.

Final grade: B. I was a little disappointed over all because so many people had hyped these classes, so maybe I just went in with my expectations too high. I think I will definitely try it again, but there are other classes I felt like gave a better workout.

Have you taken a rowing class? What did you think?