What to Do With a Giant Gold Frame

Last weekend, I did something I’ve never had the gumption to do before: I did a bit of dumpster diving.

Well, technically there was no diving. Or even a dumpster. But I did spot a GIANT gold picture frame where they put our building’s garbage (in the alley behind the building) and take it home with me.

It’s in almost perfect condition (it still had the cardboard corner protectors on it!), and there weren’t any bugs or weird smells on it. (I swear, I inspected that thing like a hawk.) And it’s GIANT. Roughly 2×3 feet.

I think it could be the perfect solution to the blank space above my dresser (that continues to mock me every.single.day it remains blank). Now I just need to decide how I want to style it.

So far, I’ve come up with five different options — but I want opinions. Here’s what I’m thinking:


Leave it blank (and possibly hang lights on it)
Apparently this is a trend? I don’t hate the look, and I do have a bunch of string lights from my parents’ party I could hang up. But it still feels…blank to me. Maybe the secret is having a whole bunch. I do have one other gold frame…but I’m not sure that’s enough.



Create a chalkboard with paint
I like this idea because the repurposing possibilities are endless, and it could be created in an afternoon. Plus, it could be fun to switch up the quote for different season/events/etc.



DIY (Cross-stitch) Painting
I’ve also been toying with the idea of painting something abstract-ish. I’m not actually that artistic, but I could definitely create something like this faux cross-stitch design. Remember when I made this adorable actual cross stitch? Maybe something like that, or a bigger, more abstract version like in this photo.



Song lyric as art
Another alternative to a traditional painting that I can still DIY is this song lyric mural (that I discovered when the lovely Kayla pinned it!). I could do the lyrics of our first dance song, or find a poem I like, or anything, I suppose. Sort of a more permanent version of the chalkboard quote.



Professionally commissioned Bogey portrait
I think I’m kidding. But also…kind of not? I mean, that’s kind of adorable. And maybe it could be awesome and hilarious? What are our thoughts?


So, what do you think? Haaaaaaalp me.

6 thoughts on “What to Do With a Giant Gold Frame

  1. 1) you said it yourself: no more gallery walls!!!

    2) as a left hander, I have a natural aversion to chalkboards. I also hate how they never actually look clean after the first write.

    3) LOVE the cross stitch idea. Very homey.

    4) on the fence. A bit cliche, I’m definitely in favor of the poem because I like words.

    5) i obviously love this and dream of doing it myself. This is coming from the couple who plans on hanging a (tasteful) framed photo of our late dog pooping…on the bathroom wall. “Tasteful” meaning he is assuming the position but you can’t actually SEE anything.

  2. I won’t be much help in a decision because I like all of them. But just wanted to add that Joelle has a friend who does humorous animal portraits and also Christine Monohan is a wonderful illustrator and would do a wonderful portrait. I know Joelle’s friend might be less expensive, but I would check them both. I loved the lyric wall. Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. I like the cross stitch idea, but I love the Bogey idea. You’re clearly head over heels for that pup (and rightly so!), so why not commemorate that?

  4. Hello, my name is Lindsey and I have an addiction to picture frames. There, I said it.

    Seriously I can’t pass up a good solid-wood frame. I buy them at flea markets, I dumpster dive for them, I paint them different colors and hang them all over my house. I frame them around groups of other framed pictures because I CAN.

    Help me.

  5. LOVE the Bogey idea. The pic of the “blank” frames seems misleading since it looks like many of the big ones are actually mirrors (which isn’t bad idea), but I’m not crazy about something that big being truly blank.

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