Checking my issues.

I’m not going to lie — there are a lot of days when I give Joey a lot of credit for staying married to me.

I mean, I’m annoying. Like, roll-your-eyes, is-she-serious annoying. I actually care about how things are arranged in the pantry, and I throw things out with wild abandon because the clutter gives me hives. But the man sticks around, God love ‘im.

Case in point? I am very annoying to go on vacation with. Because I like to plan. But not just, like, plan-to-go-on-a-trip. PLAN.

Not only have I been working on a Google doc itinerary for our upcoming California trip for the last couple of months, not only do I plan to put together a binder of confirmations and maps (like I did for our Paris trip), but today I spent about an hour outfit planning. And then turning those plans into detailed packing lists.

Don’t believe me?

The crazy is very, very real.
The crazy is very, very real.

Like I said. Annoying.

The one thing Joey can be grateful for? I am generally much more rational in person when I feel like I have my life together. AND these plans make it much less likely that I will overpack.

See, babe? Everyone wins!!

…please don’t leave me.

4 thoughts on “Checking my issues.

  1. why is the first letter of your words bigger then others and why do you have dots after your sentences? what’s with your large amounts of spaces between thoughts …i don’t understand a lot of things you do

  2. I randomly ended up at your blog trying to figure out how to solve hair grease while I wait till the end of my keratin treatment, but then saw this post and wanted to comment. I use the Stylebook app on my iphone and it is my favorite thing when it comes to packing for trips! It takes some work to get all your clothes photographed and loaded into the app, but after you’re done it’s the best for packing! And, I had my phone stolen and hadn’t backed up my clothes pics, and had to start over, and I realized that googling for stock photos of the actual items or visually similar items is much, much easier.


    • I love that app! I haven’t used it in a while, but this sounds like a great reason to start again. Thanks for the tip!

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