Living it up

I tell you what: There’s something about seeing how the other half lives.

This week, I’m working in my company’s San Francisco office. Instead of shelling out a zillion dollars on a hotel, I took a friend’s suggestion and opted for a much more affordable airbnb. I had never done airbnb before, but so far, I’m a fan. (As is my company’s finance department, I’m sure.)

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Let me tell you a little bit about the apartment. It’s a one-bedroom in San Fran’s South of Market neighborhood. The entire south wall is windows. The living room is HUGE and opens up to the kitchen and a dining area, plus a desk nook. It has two gigantic closets. (The bedroom closet is a walk-in.) There’s a washer and dryer in the unit. It has a dishwasher and a sink disposal. The bathroom has the world’s largest tub.

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Basically, I’m never leaving.

Because I dare to dream, last night I decided to look up the building to see if it was even in the realm of possibility that I could live there some day.

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

A 1-bedroom runs at least $3,700. And the most devastating part? This isn’t even the owner’s primary home.

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They actually live in Palo Alto, but the wife works a couple of days a month in the city designing stores for Anthropologie, and traffic is such a bother. So they bought a little pied-à-terre that they can let their kids use or stay in when they want to go to a restaurant in the city and not worry about driving home.

Life is hard, right?

So, bad news, I will never live here. Good news: I DO FOR NOW.


2 thoughts on “Living it up

  1. Hey Justine, it’s Joanna, we met up a couple years ago around this time for a chat one evening. I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and catch up!

    You should try to work with the owner’s wife that sounds pretty neat. But enjoy SF it seems so wonderful!

    We got married (last May) and we did end up paying for it (instead of going with my parents’ offer) so it was a semi-destination wedding in Vermont. It was so awesome we even got to have a double rainbow just after the ceremony so spontaneous and impromptu but it meant a lot! We then took a mini-moon to Montreal and had a great time hiking Mont-Royal, visiting the Vieux Port/old city, and listening to live jazz while eating escargot (lol). Things worked out at least although I know my mom was a bit bummed out that it wasn’t a church wedding I did respect her as much as I could and we incorporated religious elements into the ceremony that were still true to Chris and I as a couple as well as my parents’ preferences, I got a job in Manhattan, and we live in Kew Gardens in Queens which has been awesome! Still interested in social media for non-profit organizations, but looking to aim towards the museum or event planning areas eventually. All your posts about apartment organization, meals and outfit planning, and most especially, being catcalled or “creeped” on by random passersby in the city I find helpful. Heck especially this past summer when you posted about being stressed out/not necessarily having enough time to devote to each friend or acquaintance I felt I related to as well it has been a whirlwind since getting married we’re only just now finishing thank you cards and writing reviews whew. I miss my cats (they stayed at home with my parents in NJ even though the building allows pets thought it may be too much for now) and miss being able to go to my fav yoga instructor however I do love Forest Park and being able to be closer to friends and family here.

    It was neat to read about your new place, marathon training, and your new puppy so glad you love him! Oh random side note today is Chris’ aunt’s birthday (the one I mentioned lives on N Hamilton Ave in Lindenhurst) so we went to see her yesterday! Sorry again for taking so long to catch up!

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