Pregnancy Update: 37 Weeks

I honestly debated even writing this post because, let’s be honest, it’s most likely going to contain a fair amount of whining. And I hate whiners. But then it seemed dishonest to ONLY post about pregnancy when things are sunshine-y, so…here we are.


Truth be told, I’m super ready for this baby to be here and hoping the last few weeks zip by. For one thing, I feel totally ready. The nursery is done, the hospital bags are packed, the prep classes have been taken, and the pediatrician has been selected. We’re as ready as we’re going to get.

For another, I am also physically ready to be done being pregnant. Y’all know I actually enjoyed most of the process (I believe the words “I love being pregnant” were bandied about), so believe me when I tell you: I have different feelings about the last month and a half. Because those last six weeks? Mine weren’t even what I would classify as “horrible,” and they still were not awesome.

Like most things in pregnancy, I felt like things changed overnight. One day I was perfectly content, still able to do pretty much the same things I always did. The next? Well…let’s get into the update.

How do you feel?

I mean…fine. But mostly, uncomfortable. I have to be perpetually standing or slightly leaning back to keep my sternum from digging into my uterus (GlAmOrOuS!!!)(and even then, I’m still not really comfortable), I’m tired all the time, I get weird aches and pains virtually all the time, and sleeping through the night hasn’t happened for a few weeks now. Oh, and I’m hot all the time. And a few other symptoms that I am generously deeming TMI and keeping to myself, but trust that they are unpleasant. YOU’RE WELCOME.

How’s the belly?

Giant. And heavy. And hot. And every time someone tells me, “Oh, but you’re still so small!” I want to use it like a battering ram to boop them out of the way.

But, otherwise, you know, healthy. This kid is super active, which is equal parts charming and painful depending on when you ask. I think we’ll both be a lot happier when she can practice her calisthenics outside the womb.

Any weird symptoms or cravings?

Nothing too bizarre…I need a ton of ice in all of my drinks these days, but I think we can blame that on the 90-degree weather. I don’t get that hungry (blame the baby squishing my stomach), so it’s pretty rare that anything sounds all that great. As for my symptoms, I think they’re all pretty textbook at this point.

How’s your health?

Again, I can’t really complain about much because the answer to this question is a resounding, “GOOD.” Now that we’re at the tail end of things, I meet with my midwife once a week until the miss makes her appearance. They’ve stopped pushing me to gain more weight now that I’ve gained around 20 pounds, so I guess that means things are fine? Vivi is measuring at a good size, so that’s what really matters.

I’m just…ready to be done being pregnant. Even though I know life isn’t going to really go back to what I’m used to, I’m excited to at least be able to move like a normal person again (and to put on socks and shoes without having to hold my breath…the little things). So here’s hoping Vivi gets the memo and doesn’t try anything crazy like staying in there past her due date. (You hear me, young lady?)