Three Showers and a Baby

You know that old adage, “It takes a village to raise a baby”? I’ve always believed there was a fair amount of truth to that. I mean, raising a responsible, good human sounds challenging — it would be great to have some help.

And, fortunately, having help and a village of people who care about Joey, me, and our little babe is something I’ve never had to doubt. For example, our incredibly generous family and friends threw us three baby showers in total (four if you count this sweet crafting session three of my girlfriends planned when they visited the city for a weekend).

I loved each and every one of them, and I decided to share the details at once. First up, my mother-in-law’s shower for Long Island family and friends:







The theme was based around about a million pink, gold, and mint circles that my mother-in-law and sister-in-law spent weeks cutting out by hand. Two highlights: My parents surprised me by flying in for this one, and that cake pictured? It was AMAZING.

Next up, a tea party-themed brunch by my momma:



This intimate little brunch was the perfect way to celebrate with some family friends during a quick trip back to Iowa for my friend Susan’s wedding. Food was definitely a highlight, considering my mom made two kinds of French toast casserole and three baked egg dishes. Because she’s an animal.

And finally, my friend Cynthia’s Once Upon A Time-themed shower in a book shop:


Cynthia’s shower was packed with so many adorable, thoughtful details, including food and desserts themed after children’s books, book page table runners, and adorable nursery rhymes to go with every game and activity. (Shameless plug for my friend: Why is Cynthia so awesome at planning parties? Because she’s a professional event planner! You can actually see even more adorable photos from the shower on her company blog here.)

I loved how each shower was unique and had its own feel, but they all felt so personal since they either incorporated our nursery color scheme or things I love (brunch and books, of course). It makes my heart feel so full to see how many people already love our little girl, and I’m so touched at the effort everyone went to to throw these parties. If it takes a village to raise a baby, I’m feeling pretty good about the village I’ve found myself in.