My name is Justine. And this is a blog about my life.


If you’re on my About page, you probably have questions. I know what you’re thinking…

Who are you?
I mean…I just told you. I’m Justine. Also…I’m a girl? And a writer/marketer. And a wife. And a dog owner. And sometimes obnoxious. (But I try to keep that in check.) I was born in California, raised in the Midwest, and now I call New York City home.

What is this place?
I’m so glad you asked! This is my blog. It’s a…lifestyle blog, I guess you’d call it. I talk about food, decor, fashion, DIYs, and awkward situations. Also the adorable dog you see above and my sweet new baby girl you see everywhere else. They’re regulars.

How did you pick your blog name?
I’m one of those people who really likes telling stories. And I put a lot of thought into it — by the time I’ve perfected a story, I always tell it the EXACT. SAME. WAY. Which can get awkward for people like my husband, because that means they end up hearing the same stories a few times over. This blog was hopefully a way to correct that. (Although it has spawned the expression, “Stop me if you’ve read my blog, but…”)

So you just talk about whatever you want?
Yup! They’ll let just about anyone on the internet these days. These are some of the more random things I’ve discussed on SMiYHTO. (TERRIBLE ACRONYM.)

I kind of like your hair. Any tips for that?
Mom, is that you? Regardless, that’s very kind of you. Here are the best tips I’ve garnered in the world of beauty and haircare — please, steal them all!

I would read your blog, but I’m too busy redecorating my apartment.
No worries! If it helps, here are a few of my own decor struggles and solutions.

I found your blog while searching for running tips. Any more of that?
I ran a marathon in April 2014, all of which is documented here, along with some of my other favorite fitness ideas. Anything else I can help you with?

Um…I’m kind of hungry.
You got it! Here are a few of my favorite recipes. Thanks for stopping by!

So…does that help?

Basically, this is a blog about stories. I like to tell stories. A lot of stories. Sometimes the same stories over and over. This is hopefully a step to correct that.

Enjoy reading, and stop me if you’ve heard this one…


And if you can’t get enough, visit my (moderately professional) website, read my (irregularly updated) fiction blog, or follow me on Instagram (you stalker, you).

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