Tourist for a day

Eh heh…hey, guys. I swear that decor post is on it’s way. I’m just waiting until we get a couple more things hung up. Maybe THIS Thursday. Sowwy.

But this isn’t an apology post. (It’s just a post WITH an apology.) The real purpose is to share my weekend.

My two cousins visited from Ohio. Naturally, I wanted to plan as many things to do that they can’t do in Ohio as possible.

It’s fun being a tourist in your own area now and then. We spent all day Friday in the city. Shopping in SoHo, a trip to Central Park, a stroll through Times Square, and a Thai dinner in Union Square were all on the docket for the day.

{Central Park}


Saturday was beach day. (Midwesterners have this cute habit of calling the shores of lakes “beaches.” Sillies.) After some sun and actual ocean, we headed home to clean up and then went to a party at our friends’ house.

Good times were had by all, and I got to re-experience some of my favorite parts of the city (they’re all in Central Park, though the Thai place is one of my favorite restaurants). They kept calling me out for how many times I would say, “Oh, I love this place!”

{Times Square}


Well, I do love it. And when I’m caught up in the bustle of wake-up-get-to-work-go-home, I forget to spend enough time around my favorite places.

{Bethesda Fountain – My ACTUAL Favorite Place}


So thank you, my lovely cousins, for letting me play tourist for a while. You were perfect guests, and we can’t wait to have you back again!




On the road again

I think everyone knows a couple who would be really good on The Amazing Race. For me, it’s Brett and Heather.

We always say that Brett is good at everything a husband is “supposed” to be good at, and Heather at everything a wife should know how to do. Between the two of them, I’m pretty sure they could tackle any challenge and navigate even the remotest area. Second place would go to Bill and Megan, because the two of them love travel, but I’m pretty sure they would drag their feet a little to try to experience each place more.

I have no idea how we would do. I’ve never really considered myself cut out for that show. I don’t like to be rushed, for one, and I too would like to actually be able to enjoy the city and country I’m in. Joey would probably fare better at physical challenges, but I think we would both get exhausted. On the other hand, we’re pretty good at getting along while we’re traveling and even when there’s nothing to do, so maybe we would be too boring for reality TV.

I guess I’m thinking about this because Joey and I are taking our first road trip this weekend. And not just any road trip; a 9-hour car ride to see my family.

I think we’ll be just fine. I like road trips, and like I said, we have a good time even when we’re not doing anything. These are useful skills in a road trip situation.

Hopefully I’ll get some good quotes on the open road to share with y’all. Happy trails!

By any other name

There are currently two giant (dead) centipedes in my vacuum. And I washed one I found in the bathtub down the drain yesterday morning.

Why is this happening?? Is there any way to protect ourselves from invasion? Because, tell you what, the most recent little demon was juuuust inside our bedroom door when he met his demise. That’s about a million times too close.

Anyway. Ugh.

So speaking of things that bug me (get it????), I’ve begun the tiresome process of legally changing my last name. And hoo-boy.

First off, have you ever stopped to think how many things have your name on them? I mean, Facebook and Gmail. Fine, done. But then there’s my license, my social security card, my passport, my bank accounts, and every credit/debit card ever. Plus my direct deposit at work (they actually just put me down as the new name for almost everything when I started the new job, but the bank stuff had to wait until I could change the name on the account. Which I can’t do without at least a license with the new name. Which I couldn’t do without our marriage license.)

And that right there is the real rub: You can’t change one thing until you change something else, which you can’t change until you say something else. It’s…a process.

So far, I have my marriage license (which had to be corrected). Today I’m making a copy so Joey can add me to his insurance, then I have to send the original to the social security office so they can send me a new card (they return the marriage license). Then it’s off to the DMV. And finally it will be time for the bank.

I guess I should probably change it on our apartment lease, too. I’m putting off the passport since, as memory serves, it was a pain last time.

Though I am kind of excited about getting new ID photos. My passport one is ok, but I’m blatantly 15. My driver’s license photo is…well, I was going to the gym after, the camera was on the desk at my waist level (I was standing), and they didn’t tell me when they were taking it. Ergo, I look frumpy, fat, and angry. Not exactly flattering.

But soon that will all be amended.

It will be a little weird to officially have a new name. The new signature will be the hardest part, I think. Oh well, I like new beginnings.

Besides, I like the symbolism of becoming one family and all that. I’m kind of in to my husband, if you hadn’t guessed. Plus, you know I’m bound to get a good post out of the trip to the DMV. It’s impossible not to.

Something standard

Well, guess it’s back to my regular, every day, not on TV life. Le sigh.

The trip to Ohio was actually a lot of fun. I got to spend some quality time with the fam, stumbled my way through my presentation, and managed not to dishonor my family and employer on Good Morning, Cleveland. Also, had a successful T.J. Maxx shopping trip. How could I have forgotten how much I love that store?

But now we’re back to the standard. Trains, Dunkin, work. At least the wedding is coming up soon, right?

Those who follow the wedding blog already know this, but we’re pretty much done. I have a few little DIY projects, we need to pick our ceremony music and finalize our head count, and I need to get my dress steamed. Oh, and we need to get our license.

And then, you know, get married.

Maybe things aren’t so hum drum after all.

On differences

Me: Did you send your RSVP?

Sister: can i just put it in my mailbox? or do i have to take it somewhere? i have it in my car all ready to go

Me: I think you might have to put it in a real mailbox if your mail has already come
otherwise, you should be able to put it in your box and put the flag up

Sister: ill try to just run it to the post office today. i dont have anything the rest of the night besides going to see mom

Me: ok thaaaanks

Sister: i know. i know. im sending it

Me: you will understand when you’re waiting for yours

Sister: i dont want toooo

Me: haha deal with it

Sister: i need to send you my save the dates
im late about that already

Me: do you have them?

Sister: yes

Me: Am I the only one you haven’t sent them to?

Sister: they’re cute
i havent sent ANY

Me: good lord

Sister: ive given like two away to people i knew were coming

Me: why isn’t mom hounding you more?

Sister: dont make me stress
i dont know. i gave her one

I don’t know why, that killed me. I’m laughing out loud at work. Does she know you haven’t sent them to other people?

Sister: i need to get envelopes still!

Me: make that your project this weekend
you have to just set small goals every week,
otherwise you get overwhelmed

Sister: yea i have spring break next week too.. i need addresses tho

Me: what are you doing now?

Sister: im going to go to the mail place to drop off the rsvp

Me: haha brat
just make a spreadsheet
you’ll need the addresses multiple times, so it’s better to have them organized. I was bad about that and had to find them over and over again

Sister: how do you get them tho?

Me: it is the biggest pain

Sister: just ask everybody?

Me: basically
mom and dad can send you family ones

Sister: yea

and Jacob’s mom can give you all of his side
I would email her and our parents first

she doesnt have email

then just start going through your list and texting people
ok, call her then
and also, what?
how does she function?

she doesnt have a comp


she lives in story city and works all the time

Me: is she 90?

Sister: hahah

Me: anyway
she can still get you addresses
if she has to write them out, that’s her own fault

she also works at the post office so maybe she can just send them

I love how you reveal information
it’s like you’re screwing with me the whole time
She doesn’t have email..
…or a computer…
..or an address..
…but she works in a post office!
yuk yuk yuk

Sister: lol
this better make your blog

Me: I think it has to

My husband is sitting here

Every Tuesday, my friend (and newly minted fellow blogger!) James and I take the train home together on our way to a religious meeting. It works out for the fiance because he gets more time after work to get things done, for me because I get a ride and don’t have to commute alone, and James because he gets to be dazzled by my charm and regaled with my wit. (Right, James?)

The thing is, James and I meet at Penn Station. In fact, we meet on the train. And more often than not, I get there first.

This means I am forced to commit one of the gravest public transportation annoyances ever: seat saving.

The first time I got there first and someone asked to sit next to me, I panicked. I buckled under society’s pressure and let her sit next to me. When James arrived on the train, he looked perplexed, I explained quickly, and he shuffled off to find another seat. I had failed. And that occasion haunted me.

Later, James informed me that I should have just said my husband was sitting there. Duh. James actually offered to be my husband on one other occasion. Remember the Grand Lux Cafe Debacle of 2010? (And let’s be real, who doesn’t?) When I was on the phone with Travis, James offered his services in case I wanted “to put my husband on the phone.” What a guy. But I digress.

So from then on, I decided I would just say my husband was sitting there. “Husband” has a certain weight to it. You’ve said vows. Signed papers. Paid an alarming amount of money to have a party.

“Boyfriend” sounds fleeting, and “fiance” is just a really cumbersome word. “Friend”? Well, you can just forget about saving a seat on a crowded train for your Johnny-Come-Lately friend.

Husband is a bond that cannot be broken by even the most harried commuter. So the plan was decided.

I had actually used this tactic with great success once before. A girl tried to sit by me, I said my husband was on his way, she said OK and moved on down the car.

Then last night happened. Again, a woman wanted to sit by me, I said I was saving the seat for my husband, she said OK and sat right behind me.

I tried to text James to warn him that we were now man and wife, but he arrived as I was mid-text. And since I know for a fact that you can hear the conversations of people sitting anywhere in your car, it wasn’t like I could just tell him. Besides, it wasn’t like he was going to say something like, “Don’t you also enjoy being unmarried?” We could pull this off.

Or maybe not. Suddenly everything we said seemed rife with evidence that we were not, in fact, married.

“I liked your blog post today.”

Oh, crap, do married people discuss each others blogs? No, no, be cool, the fiance and I talk about my blog sometimes, we’re good.

“How much does your gym membership cost?”

Ok, yeah, if we were married we would probably go to the same gym. Or, you know, be aware of how our household income was being allocated.

“Soooo…what’s new?”

Yup, yup, in hindsight I see where I blew that one.

I mean, we discussed James taking the fiance suit shopping for our wedding. We could not have been less married unless James actually did ask me how I enjoyed life out of wedlock.

I kept waiting for the woman behind me to loom up over the seat, shove a bony finger in my face, and growl, “Heeeeey, you’re not married at all, are you?!

I even started working out a response on my head.

“Oh, um, well, no, not married married, but we’re, um, engaged! Yeah, that’s it! That’s why we don’t know what’s going on in each other’s lives! Engaged people don’t always live together, you know! Or…talk… regularly…but yeah, engaged, I just said ‘husband’ to save time and oh my God I am so so so sorry!”

It would not have ended well. Fortunately, if the woman deduced that we were not in love, she consoled herself with the fact that at least we were good friends, and maybe that’s a good enough reason to save a seat after all.

Or at the very least, our marriage was clearly in trouble and maybe I had enough to deal with without her pointing out the holes in our relationship.

I’m not saying I won’t continue to use this excuse. It has worked without incident so far, and I like those odds. But maybe next time I won’t use the expression “for the sake of our friendship” during our conversation.