Food Shame Spiral

In case you didn’t believe my last post, here is what I have consumed today:

1st break fast: spoonful of peanut butter and glass of skim milk.

Second breakfast: Tuna melt and a chai latte

Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night’s dinner

Afternoon snack: Turkey sandwich. Not small. (See my “Today is one of those ‘can’t get full’ kind of days” tweet for an explanation.)

Dinner: Boston Cream Pie. (A slice.)

I would have had a glass of milk to give my “dinner” even the remotest sense of healthful eating, but I had finished it this morning. Fail.


Psh, inappropriate.

Sometimes I get really inappropriate cravings.

Not like, I crave something inappropriate. (Like, I don’t know, porn or something. Gross.) Just that sometimes I crave otherwise normal foods at inappropriate times.

Like cereal for dinner. Or cupcakes all the time.

What I’m saying is, I might have had a tuna melt for breakfast this morning.

So sue me.

I care so much

So remember that time I thought I would do something nice and bake cupcakes for the group of magazine majors that are visiting my office from Drake today?

And remember when I let my guilt for using a store-bought cake mix and an interest in cooking new things motivate me into trying to make my own buttercream icing?

And remember that time when I decided granulated sugar and confectioner’s sugar were “basically the same thing”?

And remember when the icing turned out sweet, but really, really grainy?

But remember when I decided it didn’t matter and iced the cupcakes anyway, only to decide the second I woke up that I simply couldn’t serve those cupcakes?

And remember when left for work extra early so I could get ready, go to a store before work to buy icing, and scrape off the old frosting and re-frost 16 cupcakes in my office cafe before my co-workers got to the office?

In case you don’t:

{Cupcakes, frosted. Twice.}

I call them “Bleeding Heart Cupcakes.”

Tea-se me.

I read recently that drinking coffee is not only responsible for chapped lips (apparently the caffeine does it), but the acid levels in that cup o’ jo can also make it difficult to lose weight (something about the acid levels raising cortisol levels in the body).

The doctor who made these claims recommended switching to tea to help with the fat problem. He even predicted that after making this switch, a woman could lose up to five pounds in a month. (I have no idea if the same is true for men.) It won’t help with the chapped lips thing, but lord knows I’m not giving up caffeine. Sorry, skin; I’ll use chapstick.

So anyway, embarking on THAT little experiment for the next month. Hello, chai.

Dinner and a Blog

Guess what? It’s President’s Day! Why is that cool? Because even though my employer does not see the value of MLK Day, they do think our founding fathers were pretty swell guys. Translation: I have the day off.

So naturally I think I great way to kick things off is by blogging about last nights culinary sen-SA-tion.

I made a Straniero-Blanchard-family classic, pasta with red peppers and ham in a cream sauce. (Will someone please tell me if that has a cooler name?) Normally it has peas in it, but I’m not the biggest fan of peas, so I substituted asparagus. Personally, I think it was a long-awaited change. Plus it makes for pretty pictures! Speaking of which…here’s how it all went down:

Red bell peppers and asparagus, roasting
Peppers, asparagus, and ham; chopped and sautéing
Add cream and cook until it starts to froth.
Fold in shredded cheese, serve over farfalle pasta. Enjoy!

The boyfriend got to enjoy this one. There was also an angel food cake/vanilla ice cream/raspberries/whipped cream dessert, but I forgot to take a picture. It tasted better than it looked anyway.

Ok, after thinking about food for the last ten minutes or so, it’s time to start my day with a trip to the gym. It’s been a little while, so wish me luck!

(Do you have the day off? What are you doing? Leave a comment so I have something to read when I get back!)

Soup Days of Winter

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Blizzard in Brooklyn, February 2010

This is how I felt about it:

Me, sad and bundled

And since I am no longer a student, it takes a heck of a lot more than that for me to get a snow day (unfortunately). So I braved the wintry mess to work. (Confession: Once I reached the bus stop, it actually wasn’t so bad. The subway was empty, so the ride in was actually much more pleasant than normal. But I digress.)

The weather continued to worsen, so much so that our office closed early. Woo! Which meant another trek back in even worse snow. Boo.

Here’s my opinion about my trip home:

Me, annoyed and damp

So I did the only thing you CAN do when you’re snowed in: made soup.

But not just any soup. My favorite soup. My mom’s Italian Wedding Soup. It’s delish. And so easy!

Sweet Italian sausage, 1/2 cup carrots, medium onion, diced and browned
3-4 cups kale, chopped
Boil together for 10 minutes in chicken broth with noodles. Serve.

What I’m saying is, I’ve made my piece with the snow-pocalypse. For now…

Aaaaand…CAKE! *huddle clap*

So, it’s the Super Bowl this weekend.

As you can probably imagine, the Super Bowl is not exactly a life-changing event for me.

To be fair, I do enjoy watching. It’s the one sporting event I actually look forward to watching, actually. Of course, that’s mainly for two reasons having nothing to do with athletics: the socialization (I like parties) and the food.

You all know I like food. You do. Admit it. I have a blog tag dedicated to “Kitchen Adventures.” And aside from the chili-cheese dip and assortment of grilled meats, my favorite food associated with the big game is my annual Super Bowl Cake. (Yes, capped.)

I know I have photos of past cakes, but I think they’re on my mom’s camera. (AKA, trapped forever.) So you’ll just have to imagine.

They’re things of beauty. I’ve made two, so this year will be the third. I have big plans, PLUS I’m joining forces with the boyfriend’s sister, so it should be epic.

Just wanted to give you a little something to look forward to. (Because I’m sure the actual game just wasn’t doing it for you.)