On coffee and fake accents.

D: They gave me the wrong drink yet again. In a month, (1 month) they have never, ever gotten my drink right the first time.

I’m like THANKS! Not mad! Just not comin’ back.


Me: Bahaha


D: I mean, first world problems, for sure


Me: But still.

We deal with a lot.

This is all we ask.


D: Just want a no foam soy latte. That’s all.


Me: You want too much.


D: “Vanilla latte” comes up.


Nope, that not it.


Me: In the old country, you knew your place.


D: In Mother Russia, you make mistake, you no eat whole winter.


Me: InĀ  Mother Russia, latte drink YOU.


D: You drink potato latte. Out of hollowed potato. And you like it.


Me: We make latte with potatoes and tears.


D: Potato spice latte: Two parts potato, one part despair.


Me: With a sprinkling of cinnamon.