So, I KNOW money doesn’t buy happiness…

So, several good things have happened to me in the last 24 hours.

One, I got my first adult paycheck. YOU GUYS!!! I’m so excited. Partly because, you know, that’s kind of the whole purpose to this “working” thing, and party because I could pay off my credit card bill, continuing a pattern of spotless credit. And you KNOW how I feel about perfectionism.

Other good thing, also money related: received my freelancing check from Meredith Corp. So, I’m literally the richest person ever right now. (Another thing I love: using “literally” incorrectly. It’s just such a fun mental image thing.)

Also, it’s the last day of October! Which you’d think would make me sad since it’s generally my favorite month, but after the last exhausting 31 days, I’m ready for a break. Will November make a break to steal October’s place in my heart? Only time will tell.

For now, I’m enjoying my first weekend in Long Island in a looong time. I believe I’m going pumpkin picking in a bit. Try not to be too jealous.


Gold medal for overachieving

I’ve been a very neglectful blogger lately. But in my defense, as this crazy month winds down I’m usually pretty wiped by the end of the day (my usual blogging time), and this results in:

a) No blog

or b) A shoddily thrown together post (which is probably worse than writing nothing)

Is it just me, or has October felt about a million years long? When I embarked on October Improvement Month! I had no idea how tiring it would all be. Add to the mix a new job and an inability to go easy on myself, and you’ve got one pooped little overachiever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d do it all over again, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of looking forward to a more laid-back November. Plus, I’m really glad I gave up on that whole “no coffee” thing. What was I thinking?

That being said, I’m planning a few more self-improvement things for November. (Because really, who doesn’t want to be a better person?) I just need a catchy name. New Leaf November? Maybe.

Here’s the list so far:

1. Clean out my clothes/donate old clothes
2. Update my website (I’m thinking of just switching the whole shebang over to WordPress. Simplify, you know? Plus, I don’t own DreamWeaver, which makes updating the current site a trial.)
3. Finalize the budget I’m creating.

That’s it so far, but knowing me, I’ll think of plenty more things I need to better about myself.

Anyone else planning any self-overhauls? Or am I the only weirdo who does this?

There’s no place like home

Oh my god you guys. (No, not THAT OMGYG.) It’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard season.


You don’t understand. I don’t have a Dairy Queen here. Or anywhere NEAR here. I’d have to go to…gasp…Jersey.


I know what you’re thinking: But Justine, it’s JUST an ice cream treat.


What is the likelihood I could get one FedExed…?

WWII (Winter War Two)

You know how sometimes I like to pretend problems AREN’T problems to the point where I’m only hurting myself? I’ve been doing that again lately.

The past couple of weeks, the temperature has plummeted from the sweltering 85+ it’s been to barely making it to the high 60s. Which shouldn’t be a problem for a girl who loves fall as much as I do. Except for one thing:

I seem to be incapable of dressing appropriately for the weather.

I never have a jacket, I’m almost always in a skirt or a dress, and I still haven’t replaced my tights from last winter. All this adds up to a chilly me.

And I hate being cold. Haaate it.

So the plan is to start being more prepared. Because, after all…

Life lesson #156: Glancing out your window in the morning is not an effective way of determining the temperature.

Into the Wild…ish

I’m turning 22 on Friday.

Yikesabee, that sounds old, doesn’t it? Like, people are doing adult things at the age of 22. Or at least they’re finally at an age where they can do adult things (marriage, children, retirement funds) without everyone in the universe telling them they’re throwing away their youth.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’d still be a little freaked. But just a little

So how am I ringing in what is essentially my mid-20s? Ladies and gentlemen, I will be camping. For the first. Time. Ever.

Anyone that I tell I’ve never been camping tends to give me this wide-eyed look like I just said I’ve never eaten cereal. Then they usually follow up the look with some incredulous comment like, “YOU’VENEVERBEENCAMPINGOHMYGODWHATWASWRONGWITHYOURUPBRINGING?!?!?!?!”

Answer: Nothing. I was just raised by people who happen to appreciate plumbing. And air conditioning. And being able to escape from carnivorous insects.


But that is neither here nor there. The point is, I’m going with my boyfriend and his family and some other families. Camping. In the wild. And while I know it will be fine (it’s not like this is Justine VS. Wild or anything…right?), I can’t help but feel gravely unprepared.

I feel this way based on conversations like the following that occured via text this afternoon:

Joe: Do you have a sleeping bag?

Me: Um…no. Does that mean I’m kicked out?

Joe: Ha no, I think we have extra. You have sandals or flops to wear in the shower?

Me: Yes, those I have.

Joe:Ok. Flash light if you have one too.

Me: …er…

Joe: Ha it’s fine, I have a mini for ya

Me: Sorry for my lack of preparedness. This is what happens when you’re not raised by “camping people”

Because that’s what my dad said to me the one time I asked him why we never went camping: “We’re not really camping people.”

I imagine camping people as folks clad in animal skins and hemp, living in tents they’ve built from sticks, and purifying their own urine for drinking water.

My parents? Yeah, not so much.

So keep me in mind this weekend as I’m roughing it. Let’s just hope that it’s not too rough.

Just a little seasoning

This is going to seem so random since it’s only just barely summer, but today I got really excited about fall being on its way.

I know what you’re thinking: “Justine, by that logic, you should be excited all the time because technically fall is always on its way.” (Side note: All of those italics/unitalics are a major bee-yotch in HTML.)

And maybe you’re right. The world is continually turning its merry little way towards Autumn. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m excited, and that’s that.

Because I love fall. Like, want to wrap myself up in it and never let go. This is why I plan to get married in October. (Oh come on, you’re not surprised I have that planned out, too.)

Think about it: What other season lets you wear sweaters, boots, scarves, and hats; eat pumpkin flavored ANYTHING; has the prettiest trees; and has just enough crispness to the air that you’re pretty sure anything could happen?

Not your milquetoast spring, that’s for sure.

I always feel like something exciting is going to happen to me in the fall. I mean, sure, usually it turns out to just be a feeling and nothing actually happens, but sometimes that feeling is all you really need to FEEL ALIVE.

Am I right?

So I’m excited about fall. I feel like something exciting is going to happen to me. And I can’t wait to see what.

Some like it hot, some like it at frigid temperatures.

Remember that time I thought I was lucky because I won tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park, then realized I might actually be the luckiest girl alive because Anne Hathaway was playing the lead role in one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, Twelfth Night, on the very night I was attending?

Yeah, me too. Because it was last night. And it ruled.


That’s Erin and me. Being awesome.

Really the only thing I can complain about it that it was freezing last night. (Did I mention it’s MID-JUNE???) You all know how I feel about the cold.

Interestingly enough, it’s also freezing in the office right now. And it will be every Wednesday for a while because The Knot is doing this sweet live half-hour television show every Wednesday at 12 P.M. EST in the office. (Get promoted.)

But due to the nature of stage lights to be scaldingly hot, they have to turn down the air conditioning to tundra-like temperatures.

But really, given the way life has been going lately, I’m not about to let that get me down.