Hot, hot, hot

I had a whole other idea for today’s post, but something else happened that I feel is a bit more topical.

So we don’t have central air in our apartment, and the last couple of nights we’ve just been sweating it out through this freak heat wave we’ve been having.

The ironic thing is that we actually got an air conditioner (Joey’s old one from his parents), we just couldn’t set it up yet because it didn’t quite fit in the alotted slot in our bedroom. (There’s also a slot in the living room, but we’ll have to buy an air conditioner for out there. We decided the bedroom was priority.) To make it fit, we needed all kinds of sealing foam and a screen to keep anything from the outside world from crawling in.

Then yesterday, my darling of a husband went to a supply store and bought three different kinds of foam and a screen.

“We will not sleep without air conditioning again,” he texted me triumphantly.

If anyone has never had the joy of sleeping without air conditioning during 90-degree temperatures, allow me to paint a picture for you:

The air around you is wet and thick, clinging to everything — your skin, your hair, your bed sheets — not unlike how I imagine the rainforest. Any kind of cover feels like too much, yet (for me at least) it’s hard to sleep totally uncovered.

Everything feels damp, and if you’re lucky enough to actually sleep through the night (which you probably won’t because it’s too hot to sleep), you’re still going to wake up sweaty. You can’t feel rested because you spent most of the night tossing and turning discomfort.

So last night we set the thing up. Joey did most of the work, with me holding things up and overseeing the foam placement (I really don’t want any holes).

Finally it was done. We clicked it on, shut the door, and went to make dinner. After we ate, we tentatively went to check on the progress.

You know that feeling you get when you’re walking outside on a really hot day, and then you finally get to your destination? You step inside, and a wave of cool air washes over you, and suddenly you forget how hot you were. That was exactly what it was like stepping into our bedroom.

We’d had plans to watch a movie, but we wouldn’t bring ourselves to leave this refreshing cave we’d built for ourselves. We went to sleep at ten o’clock.

And when I tell you I slept the deepest sleep of my life last night, I’m not exaggerating. I woke up with a sleep hangover — it took me about five minutes to get my contacts case open.

All I wanted to do was dive back under the covers (that I actually needed).

The difference between our bedroom and the rest of the apartment was so stark, leaving the room was like stepping outside from a meat locker. And I loved it.

We’re only going to have that unit on while we sleep. Once we get a bigger one for the living room, that will be our primary source of cool air. Fortunately, we both work full time, so both units will only run a few hours a day during the week.

And what glorious hours they shall be.


Wake up woes

There are few things I detest more than waking up while it’s still dark out. Well, except maybe waking up while it’s dark and freezing out.

It was seven degrees while I waited for the bus today. Seven.

It’s not just that waking up before the sun is unnatural (though I think we can all agree it is). The truly annoying part is that no matter how much sleep I got that night, I will never feel rested if I wake up to darkness.

For example, this weekend I got almost twelve hours of sleep both Friday and Saturday nights. (The fiance and most of my friends were out of town. I’m not usually quite that lame.) So based on SCIENCE, I should have felt super well rested. But on Sunday, I tried to wake up at six to hit the gym. Didn’t happen. And today, I hit snooze about three times before finally lurching from my snuggly comforter.

Early to bed, early to rise, right? So what’s the point of having a responsible bed time if the rising part is still going to feel like a punishment?

I guess there’s always daylight savings. Though losing that hour is kind of a win-lose too.

Dear Winter, I hate you.

Ok, I really am trying not to just rant about the weather, but seriously. Seriously?!?

I’m over it. I never really understand people who like, or even more horrifyingly love winter, but right now if someone said that to me, I’d probably shove their face in a snow drift. How you like that??

My violent winter tendencies aside, we really have gotten more than enough snow. It’s at the point where people are just pretending like everything is fine because it seems cliche to delay school, call in sick, and in general protect people’s safety again.

So what I’m saying is, you’ve had your fun, Winter. Now get over yourself.

Symptomatic Failure

The three biggest symptoms that I have taken sick? Loss of patience, politeness, and fashion sense.

The first two are basically the same, at least in how you’d experience them, so I’ll cover those two together. Plus, I don’t the patience to cover three things, yo.

I’m, in general, a polite person. I say please, thank you, and you’re welcome with a fair amount of regularity. I also have a pretty high tolerance for annoying people. “Annoying” can be classed as lazy, stupid, frustrating — or a host of other qualifiers. And, again in general, I can usually tolerate them all.

When I’m sick, though, something shifts. My body is already in veritable turmoil (because when I get sick, I go all out), and even the slightest extra discomfort is all a bit too much. I have come extremely close to screaming at obnoxious sidewalk people whilst sick, and I really do try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The second (third?) symptom I guess is also a result of a lack of patience, however, it’s something else too. As I said, when I actually get sick, it’s in a big way. I am in so much discomfort, the thought of doing anything mire taxing than lying in bed bemoaning my sorry state is almost too much to bear. I need some kind of comfort, and I need it now.

Unfortunately for the extremely fashion-sensitive, the most comfortable clothes are rarely the most stylish. It wasn’t even until I was on the train to work yesterday that it occurred to me that I was wearing Uggs and jeggings. Together. At the same time. And they weren’t even my good, could-be-real-jeans-as-long-as-I-keep-the-elastic-waistband-hidden jeggings. And no, I hadn’t packed a pair of flats to change into once my journey was done. This was the outfit I had selected for the whole day.

I mean, in general, I can put together an outfit. I don’t think anyone is every usually embarrassed to be seen with me. (cough…I won Best Dressed senior year of high school..cough…) Sure, I have a judgment lapse now and then, but who doesn’t? But when my immune system checks out, so does whatever enables me to avoid mixing plaids with stripes.

I barely even remember making the decision. I imagine the process involved me stumbling around my apartment feeling for the softest clothing I could find and then just putting it on in a Ny-Quil-induced stupor.

The worst part of it all is that I wasn’t even mad at myself. In fact, I even kind of applauded my subconscious for being so thoughtful.

I’m sick, dangit. I’ve earned these fake pants and bulky boots.

So…I’m not sorry. Besides, you already know that I actually like (certain) Uggs, and I certainly like jeggings. (Though, usually the more durable kind. Yesterday’s were basically dark leggings.)

And if you have a problem with that…well…let’s just reconvene when I’m healthy, shall we?

The good with the bad

So, we had a blizzard.

Given my somewhat open sharing policy when it comes to my opinions on winter and the LIRR, the loyal readers among you probably assume I’ve hated every second of the last 48 hours. But you know what? Maybe I’ve just become desensitized to uncomfortable travel, but it hasn’t been that bad.

Monday I had a snow day. Normally I feel a little guilty for taking a snow day, but this time the entire train system was shut down. The ENTIRE train system. So I wasn’t getting to work no matter how much anyone wanted me too. And since most of my office was in the same predicament, I didn’t feel too bad. And I had a lovely day off with the fiance.

Yesterday was fairly unpleasant, but mostly because bad weather turns people into idiots.

I always knew (after almost 12 Midwest winters) that everyone forgets how to drive after through first big snow fall. But apparently most of them forget how to function in general out here too.

For example, true or false: Stopping at the bottom AND the top of crowded stairwells to take in your surroundings is a bad idea.

The answer is true. Normally I would leave a painfully obvious question like that rhetorical, but I’ve come to realize that is giving the general population waaaay to much credit.

But anyway. I can deal with people not knowing how to properly use a sidewalk. The only truly painful part of yesterday was the train ride home. It. Was. So. Crowded.

And people were just being jerks. And even though the train was filled beyond what I’m sure a safe capacity would be, we still had to stop at each station to pretend to let more people crowd on. And to listen to the conductors explain that we weren’t going anywhere if the doors weren’t closed, “so if the door is closing on you, please step off the train.”

In that moment, you hate the person refusing to get off the train. I totally understand where they’re coming from, and I would obviously be doing the same thing if I was them, but I still hate them. C’est la vie, right?

But anyway. I got home. And through fiance had been kind enough to drive me to the train the last few mornings. So all in all, my commute had probably been less annoying than normal.

See? Not as bitter as you thought, right?

Hunger thoughts

So day one of the cleanse wasn’t that bad. I mean, I was (am) hungry, but not the out-of-control ravenousness I would have expected. Craig is reportedly doing ok too. I’ve heard the third day is the worst though, so we’ll see.

In other news, it snowed last night. About seven feet. (Or two inches, if you want to get all “accurate” about it. As an active anti-winter advocate, I am not pleased.

Side note, the two guys sitting behind me on the train just started discussing the Angry Birds phenomenon. For the record, it was my idea to be an Angry Bird for Halloween this year. I was going to be a blue one and carry two smaller stuff blue birds tied together that I could chuck at people. (If you’ve never played…just trust me that’s an awesome idea.) I just…don’t celebrate Halloween. Yes, it is frustrating to be a genius and not share it with the world. Guess that’s why the blog exists right? …guys?

I don’t really have anything else to share…I just didn’t want you to think I’d given up on the cleanse or, you know, starved to death. Nine more days!